Genuine Delivers Best Value

When it comes to world-class turbocharger manufacturers, these 5 brands usually pop up. They are Garrett, Holset, BorgWarner, MHI and IHI; suppliers of many world renown brands and also manufacturers of a wide range of applications.


As turbochargers are high-tech and sophisticated products, high level of manufacturing expertise and engineering is required. It is always wise to choose a genuine turbo from one of the recognised brands.


The true cost of a non-genuine turbocharger is more than just the initial cost. Tests between Genuine and Non-Genuine turbochargers

  1. Genuine turbocharger could deliver 20% more power
  2. Non-Genuine turbocharger uses 10% more fuel
  3. True cost of a Non-Genuine turbocharger costs 4X more than a Genuine turbocharger over a 2 year period


Enjoy what you paid for!

  1. Productivity
  2. Peace of Mind
  3. Reputation